7 Things We Learned From Starting a Business

Celebrating One Year

A year ago this month, The Olive Grove was officially registered as a company, and we celebrated with a grand opening party. Two weeks ago, we celebrated our one year anniversary with our members at our monthly community brunch. 

We’re honestly amazed at what has been accomplished in one year. So we’ve been reflecting on the lessons learned. 

Starting a business takes time. We remember the long, hard days of trying to fill the space. Cold calls, countless emails, networking events… We had one office filled, for the first few months, and the space felt completely empty. There were times when we didn’t think we would make it. Then it picked up. 

In March and April, we had a sudden influx of inquiries and converted leads to sales. People asked us what the trick was, and we never knew how to answer that question. But looking back, it was the dedication we put into getting the place up and running. Diligence, persistence, patience. 
We worked late nights, weekends, long hours… We hosted so many events. We talked to so many people. We got rejected more times than we’d like to remember. But we were diligent in creating a beautiful space, hosting the best events, being as kind and hospitable as possible, and putting in the hours. And over time, word got out about us, and The Olive Grove started becoming successful. 
So, here’s what we’ve learned…

  1. Remember why you started. If you’re passionate about your work, you won’t want to give up.
  2. List the things going well. It’s easy to feel discouraged, so keep track of the things working.
  3. Own up to your mistakes. You will make them.
  4. Work with people you enjoy because when you start a business, you spend A LOT of time together. 
  5. Laugh when things go wrong. Especially when some things are out of your control. 
  6. Be kind to people… even when they are not kind to you. 
  7. Enjoy the ride. It’s cliche, but so true. Enjoy the late nights, the stressful days, the ups and downs, and celebrate the successes (both big and small). It all pays off. 

TOG Team

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