Coffee Shop or Coworking Space?

I love coffee shops. And I also love my bed. They’ve always been my favorite places to work as a freelancer. I used to brag about being able to work from wherever I wanted. But then one day, I realized I had no routine and my productivity level was determined by the tidiness of my house or the internet speed and crowd noise at coffee shops.

When I started working out of a coworking space, I felt more productive. Going into a workspace every day required discipline on my part at first, but in the long run, the routine has paid off.

I still love going to coffee shops, but I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my work after I started working at The Olive Grove. 

We made a little checklist to compare the two:

Don’t get us wrong – we still think you should frequent the coffee shops. There are so many cool ones in Beirut. But save them for when you want to catch up with a friend or go on a date. Trust us, you’ll be way more productive if you work from a coworking space. 

TOG Team

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