A Hidden Gem in Beirut

Beirut is full of hidden gems, and one could dare say Beirut itself is a hidden gem (although that seems harder to claim these days). Nonetheless, the city continues to host a number of hidden gems (cafes, bars, flower shops…) scattered throughout the city, and The Olive Grove coworking space is, no doubt, one of them. 

Located on the second floor of the old and grungy West House 3 hotel building, on the busy Jeanne D’Arc Street, you’ll walk into the light-filled and peaceful, yet cheery coworking space. The old Beiruti, green and mustard-colored tiled floors will immediately catch your eye, the hanging plants and the warm glow of the lights will draw you in. You’ll hear the faint noise of chatter between colleagues and friends. The sound of collaboration and coworking. You’re guaranteed the smell of coffee sourced from the local Cafe Younes. Immediately, it feels like a breath of fresh air. An escape from the honking cars, the pollution-filled air, and the general despair lingering in Beirut’s atmosphere. 

The Olive Grove quickly becomes a second home. And that’s the goal – we aim to provide a space where people can be more productive, build up their careers, enjoy reliable internet and electricity, and most importantly, connect with others and build community. 

If you’re looking for a hidden gem to call home, come check out The Olive Grove. We’d love to host you. 

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